After sufficient rest, the participants re-assembled in the dining room for the Gala Dinner as the culmination of a series of events Alpharian Gathering Akbar II. In the pool, the committee has prepared a number of events that could have heats the atmosphere that night was already feels stifling. Luckily it wasn’t raining.

The event opened with the presence of the entire committee, which was led by Faizal Ortho as Founder Alpharian on stage to blow out the birthday cake Alpharian the 4th by 20 November 2012. Guess what, it’s also Andi Zainal also CZmania birthday. So the event was even better with cake and they were thrown in the pool….hahaha

Once satisfied to see Tiger Dance, the audience is presented Fashion Show presented by the four previous models have been widely photographed by the participants at BCC during the day. The four models is of course true woman: D. Having previously completed and interspersed with the distribution of lucky draw abundant and interesting, and there came a time for judging picture presented by Edwin Sutjipto and guided by Goenadi Harjanto. In addition to providing criticism & suggestions for the photos that have been entered into the competition committee, Goenadi Harjanto also appreciate the foresight of the winners to take the shooting angle and composition that makes them deserved to be the winner.

Continuation of the show again filled with division is still abundant lucky draw, until there is one participant, Herry bona fide, who are willing to dive into the pool to get their prizes in the session peak. The committee invited comrades Sony Alpha users who come all the way from Malaysia to deliver a number of impressions and messages for all Alpharian. They come all the way from Malaysia and not at all disappointed with the warmth and togetherness that occurred at this time Akbar Gathering. They hope to bring more friends from Malaysia when Akbar Gathering III later in 2014. Very different from the world of football, in the world of photography we're all friends, including between Alpharian Indonesia and Malaysia Alpharian.

Not to forget, the committee Gathering Akbar gave a number of awards at the head of the committee and the sponsor as a sign of gratitude for their hard work and support for the smooth running of this event. Eventually we reached the end of the Gathering Akbar Alpharian II to close at 00.00. All participants have the same expectations that Akbar Gathering III could soon be followed by many more participants, especially those who are currently unable to participate.







The next morning, most of the participants returned to their hometown. There are also a number of participants who stay in Bali either for work or simply enjoy Bali travel any longer.

One thing is for sure, the show is not just rah-rah but also has added a lot of insight into the participants many things in the real Sony Alpha system. Not a few participants who take advantage of this event as a venue for buying and selling photographic devices. Regardless of no ivory that is not cracked the whole Alpharian hope that the implementation of Akbar Gathering III someday be more successful.


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