The second day of the Alpharian Gathering colored with a number of activities includes majority of outdoor photo hunting. The first event begins at dawn with group dispatched to the Sanur beach to catch the sunrise. Indeed, in the end form of the sun not rising to the expectations of all participants, but at least the weather is overcast severe and many participants are still able to get a good beach atmosphere with colorful sky complete.

After breakfast, participants were bus to a cultural center named in Ubud Bali Cultural Center (BCC), where Balinese culture and heritage captured there. In addition to the opportunity to relax and enjoy the BCC, the participants served with lunch, performances of Balinese dance and fashion shoot session. Second day main focus was in the photo contest and the winners will be determined later in the evening. Participants are satisfied by the committee in the presence of four models with different characters, so that improvisation can be done.

Satisfied photographing model’s participant, choose to relax, chatting and mingling with other participants. The Sony Indonesia through Iris Worldwide also invited the local media as well as those imported from Jakarta. A special question and answer session led by Danu media Sagoro, Faizal Ortho and some other committee. Shortly before returning to the bus, group picture was taken at BCC’s arch. After that, all participants returned to the hotel for a rest before the peak of the evening.




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